Incorporation of a company in Chile

Creation of a company, branch or agency

VIVIR EN CHILE: Incorporación e Inmigración, legally advises foreign companies in the most varied fields so that they can incorporate their business in our country and function in accordance with current commercial and tax legislation.

I. Constitution of Company or Agency

We offer our services to new and existing companies in their incorporation process to Chile. We advise the client to choose the appropriate type of company, informing the implications of corporate law in Chile.

III. Legal and Banking Representation

Our law requires the appointment of a person residing in Chile to incorporate a company. After a brief due-diligence process, our team offers representation before the Chilean Internal Revenue Service (SII) and banking institutions.

II. Obtaining RUT of Foreign Investor

We manage the obtaining of the Foreign Investor Identification Number for both individuals and foreign companies that need to set up a company or make an investment in Chile.

IV. General Advice and Commercial Viability

We provide legal and accounting advice for each business area. We have a team specialized in Labor and Corporate Law that allows us to provide continuous support to companies from their initial stage to a more advanced one.

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If you require information regarding the incorporation and start-up of a company in Chile, as well as the applicable legislation and rules in tax and commercial matters, contact our group of specialists in commercial and tax law.
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