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Chilean Terminology.

Full Time: Job with a full working day (8 to 9 hours a day – Monday to Friday).

Part Time: Job position with working hours defined by the employer.

Sueldo Bruto/Gross Salary:
Total amount of remuneration, without legal discounts.

Sueldo Líquido/Net Salary: Amount that the employee actually receives, legal discounts applied.

Cotizaciones Previsionales/Social Security Administrative Expenses : Amount that is legally deducted from salary for social security benefits.

Salario bruto pretendido/Intended Gross Salary/Income: Common term where the employer asks the applicant for his gross salary offer.

Calculate your salary in Chilean pesos translated into your local currency.

Pre-selected example: 1 CLP (Chilean Peso) corresponds to 0.001 USD (American Dollars)