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Lithium opportunities in Chile

¿Why Chile will be the main producer worldwide? Chile has a competitive advantage over the other producers mainly because of the amount of lithium found in its territory; which according to the “U.S. Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries 2016” accounts for over 54% of the worldwide reserves. Also Chile is one of the main producers [...]

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Chile launches unique “Tech Visa” for entrepreneurs.

Chilean president Michelle Bachelet stated that this unique tech visa “is another incentive for foreign companies that choose Chile as their starting point to expand in Latin America.” Michelle Bachelet announced this policy in last month “International Investment forum”, organized by InvestChile, in Santiago. Over there, along with reassuring the compromises and challenges related to [...]

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According to information provided by Chilean foreign department, several studies state that there has recently being an incredible, sustainable growth in immigration to Chile. The main reasons that explain this growth are mainly related to its strong and clear immigration policy, economic growth and political stability, along with several factors that explain why expats choose Chile. 1) [...]

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5 reasons that explain the success of entrepreneurship in Chile

According to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Index, entrepreneurship in Chile ranks in the 18th position of the world ranking with 58,8 points. In second place, and quite far, we can find Puerto Rico with 40,6 points. Starting a business from scratch is already hard. It requires resilience, strength to face upcoming results and discipline, among [...]

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