Chilean Business Opportunities and Geography: II. Central Zone

Centro de Chile

Centro de Chile

The Chilean central zone is formed by five natural regions that start in the Aconcagua River and finishes in the Biobío. It has the highest population density in the whole country going up to 80% of the total population. Taking this statistics in consideration it is no surprise that this zone also has the highest productivity levels among businesses also taking advantage of its template weather. Among the following written lines we indicate which commercial activates are having the most consistent growth and also those that can be developed with significant benefits inside this beautiful region.

The diversity of commercial and economic activities in the central zone is significant. There is a balance between the natural resources presented in this zone and their exploitability. Most notable industries in this area are agriculture, fishing and forestry.

Near the coast, Chile has its most recognizable seaports located in the cities of Valparaíso, San Antonio and Talcahuano. The ones we name are famous for their dynamic social and economic environments. Activities such as traveling, tourism, exportation and importation make this place an excellent spot to trade and make business with other industries around the world. Valparaíso alone moves more than 10 million tons of heavy loads per year. About 30% of the national trades happen in this port which is one of the biggest in South America. Tourism also has a significant matter here. In fact, the city port welcomes around 40 cruises as well as 150 thousand visitors per month.

Valparaíso doesn’t limit its potential to only port labors. In this same region there are many mines with different mineral materials such as cooper, lead and limestone. Let’s not forget that as mentioned in previous articles, the mining areas such as the large cooper extraction are most noticeable and prominent in the northern part of Chile, one of the biggest mines in the central zone that specializes in this activities is the underground mine “El Teniente” located in the sixth region.

In the southern part of the central zone, the Biobío region also offers mining opportunities with extraction of minerals such as coal, quartz, garnet and clay. Regarding to coal, most of its national production is processed here.

Not everything is related to mining activities. The unique quality of the central zone soil makes this region a perfect place for cultivating fruit such as grapes, peaches, watermelons and pears. Also cereal like wheat, corn and legumes are part of the food that is gown here. The excellent quality of these products is supported by the optimal climate conditions makes this goods have an outstanding global recognition when exported.

Near the tenth and eleventh region, it is important to highlight the cultivation activities of rice, legumes and beet. The land here is excellent to cultivate apples, grape and cherries which are highly valued in Europe.

The wine industry is also very well-known and present in this zone. Most notorious wine valleys are Casablanca, Leyda, Cachapoal, Colchagua, Maipo among others. This special product locates Chile in the higher ranks of wine production together with leader countries such as France, New Zeeland, Spain and Argentina. The industry is so relevant we wrote a specific article for this product here.

Last but not least we cannot leave behind the production and distribution of cattle. Animals such as pigs, sheep and cattle are raised here to supply the high demand for their meat. As an example we can notice the biggest fabrics in the Maule and Biobío regions which have maintain a consistent market growth over the last decade.

We want to finish saying that the Chilean central regions are generous in natural resources and opportunities. All of them welcome local and foreign investors to make them reach new markets and frontiers.

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Article written by Julián Dittus Cabrera, attorney from Vivir en Chile.


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