The “foreign investor ID” allows Servicio de Impuestos Internos to identify the investor as a tax payer. This identification, exceeds tax related issues. Once granted, you are also automatically added to different electronic databases which will let you take part in several agreements and contracts. As an example, when obtained you are recognized as an individual able to be part or even create sole-proprietorship corporations via

Moreover, even though it’s an essential requirement as a solemnity for certain contracts or agreements, it also allows the foreign investor to individualize itself in other contracts or agreement which doesn’t necessarily require the “foreign investor ID” to be performed. For example, the purchase agreements of goods that doesn’t require the inscription of ownership, banking agreements, and, as stated above, application for acceleration programs and grants for entrepreneurships or already established companies.

We conclude adding that its legal bases can be found in: Decreto ley Nº 830, art. Nº 66 and law Nº 27.800, along with circular Nº4 from year 1995 and exempt resolutions Nº 5412 from year 2000, Nº 20 and Nº 43 from year 2001, all written by “Servicio Impuestos Internos”.