1.1- Management.

The management is given to the agent vested with broad authority by the public deed.

1.2- Capital.

The amount of capital to be incorporated is established by the client, since there is no minimum quantity given by law (only exception can be found in regulated markets). It’s important to add that this amount might be increased or reduced by executing an amendment of the public deed.

1.3- Profits.

There is no maximum or minimum percentage of profits to be remitted abroad. Our legal system only requires that there is no tax obligation unpaid and that the agency has complied with foreign investment regulations.

1.4- Liability.

Obviously, the foreign entity is liable for all activities executed by the branch in Chile, which isn’t limited only to assets located in our country.

1.5- Taxation.

Income tax is calculated from the main or world source income. The Internal Revenue Service may assess and conduct investigations regarding the taxable income, if the information provided is objected.