Reside in Chile temporarily

Temporary residence allows foreigners to establish themselves in Chile for a limited time of up to 24 months.

Temporary Residence Permit

By virtue of the Temporary Residence Permit, both the holders and their dependents may carry out remunerated legal activities for a period of up to 24 months. This permit may be extended for up to 2 additional years.

Other types of visas in Chile

I. Visa for working reasons.

1. Permit for foreigners who carry out remunerated lawful activities (Visa subject to Contract).

2. Working opportunity permit.

3. Permit for seasonal workers.

II. Visa for investors and businesses.

1. Permit for investors and related personnel.

2. Multiple entry business permit.

III. Visa for rentiers and/or retirees.

1. Permit for those who have income derived from the exploitation of real estate or financial assets.

2. Permit for those who, in accordance with the regulations of their country, have obtained a retirement pension.

IV. Visa for study purposes.

1. Permit that allows students to formally attend educational establishments recognized by the State of Chile.

V. Other temporary visas.

Learn about the complete catalog of temporary residences contemplated by Chilean legislation.