Visa of Opportunities: Temporary Residency Visa for Entrepreneurs and Investors


This type of Visa is granted to entrepreneurs or foreign investors who have an investment project in Chile. The application process started on August 1st and ends on November 30th 2018, with 1000 vacants.

The procedure to obtain this Visa is based on a Score System, explained below. We remark that the candidate must be able to prove an investment over $ 100,000 USD (approximate value of 2,400 UF), investment that must be capitalized into the country before stamping the Visa. Likewise, in order to obtain the Definitive Residence Visa (granting 5 year residency), the applicant must have executed 100% of the initial investment during the first 12 months of their stay in Chile.

Score system for the application of Opportunity Visa for Entrepreneurs and Foreign Investors in Chile:

Future news, legislative or administrative, will be informed by Vivir en Chile work team.

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