Opportunity Visa: Temporary Residency Visa for Workers (or people who want to search for Jobs in Chile)

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As indicated in the article published by our team on July 12th, two new temporary visas have been incorporated in order to encourage foreigners who wish to work and live in our country. Since August 1st, foreign citizens can apply to an “Opportunity Visa”, which can be: Temporary Residency Visa for Workers (or to search for Jobs in Chile) or apply to Temporary Residency Visa for Entrepreneurs (detailed in this article).

This visa is intended for those degree graduates who want to search for jobs and obtain residency in Chile. The application process started on August 1st and ends on November 30th 2018, with 3000 vacants.  

The granting of this visa is based on a Score System that evaluates education, age, language, occupation and territory. A relevant subject is the need to prove fluency of the Spanish language with SIELE or DELE exams.

Score system for the application of Opportunity Visa for Workers or people who want to search for Jobs in Chile is the following:

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