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In the following index we have gather information that explains why Chile differentiates from its neighbors. Here you will find statistics related to Chilean GDP, Entrepreneurship Index, Safety and Political stabilty, among others. All of this factors contribute to place Chile as the perfect starting point for companies to operate in Latin-America.


The last results published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) states Chile in the first place of the ranking regarding its region. The annual estimation is for $ 424.298 million USD, which, adjusted to the purchasing power index, makes it $ 23.564 USD per capita, rising above its neighbors. In addition, the FMI projects it to reach $ 28.514 USD by 2020.

CHILE $ 23.564
ARGENTINA $ 22.375
URUGUAY $ 21.719
PANAMA $ 20.512
MEXICO $ 18.335
VENEZUELA $ 15.892
BRAZIL $ 15.318


The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in many occasions has pointed out that since 2010 Chiles has sustained substantial increment in its economic activities. In average, it triples the growth of other countries and obviously outnumbers its Latin-American neighbors.

Anyhow, being a developing country, its legislation many times adjust to its new reality. However, new laws tend to aim towards a solidification of prior improvements, whilst including the challenges of the future. And, most importantly, always acting inside the legal norm, respecting its democratic establishment.

Regarding corruption control, rule of law, political stability and government among others, Chile is on the top of Latin-America, compared to countries with higher income that are part of the IMF. According to the World Investment Report, Chile is the 13th Largest Emerging Economy FDI Recipient, holding its first place in South America since 1998.

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The atmosphere that Chile provides for entrepreneurs is the product of years of public policies and private consolidated investment. According to the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Index, Chile ranks in the 18th position of the world ranking with 58,8 points. Therefore, Chile is listed among the top 34 countries in the 2017 Global Competitiveness Index. Rising businesses and entrepreneurships are guided by a State institution called Start-Up Chile that breeds new projects and ideas. We have prepared an article with further explanation that you can find here.


We live in an era of globalization, and every day, communication and connectivity are attributes more important for its citizens. In Chile, over 80% of the population has access to Internet giving the country the highest Internet use ratio per consumer in Latin America, and ranks second in terms of download speed availability.

– Free trade and double taxation agreements regarding Chile:

To fully integrate a business into an international market, Chile has signed more commercial agreements than any other country in Latin-America. This attributes relate to special trade tariffs, treats avoiding double taxation and free trade agreements with 64 other countries. Actually, the double taxations agreements and international treaties allow Chilean corporations benefit from lower tariffs and fees with more than 86% of the global GDP and 63% of the global population.


Chile is, without any doubt, the most peaceful country in South America. Different international studies and indicators evaluating several aspects regarding crime (both rate and type) agree to put Chile in the higher ranks. For example, according to the “Global peace index” published in 2012 that evaluates the political and social stability of over 150 countries, Chile is the safer country, even above first world countries like France or Italy.

Moreover, studies elaborated by U.N.O. conclude that Chile has the second lowest homicide rate in the whole American continent, below Canada. Chilean police department also claims crimes to decrease 5% between 2015/2016.


Chile is also the regional leader regarding education and scholarship, according to PISA, which measures the level of students in math, science and literature worldwide. For everyone that is planning on living abroad, the future education of its children is crucial. The index elaborated by U.N.O. regarding “human development” Chile places second in the region. Also, according to OCDE, the scholarship of children in Chile is covered by 90%.

Finally, in the latest years new social welfare politics aiming to provide free quality education to everyone have been finally accomplished. Therefore, the future looks even brighter for every Chilean.

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