List of Relocation Specialized Services by client’s need

1) Search for a property, house or apartment to live/rent. 2) Search for a main office or headquarter. 3) Cultural induction, tourism, etc. 4) Assistance for vehicle purchase/rent. 5) Search for house managers (nanny, gardener, etc) if needed. 6) Guided search for a kinder garden, school or university for the children. 7) Assistance for in-house [...]

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Types of corporations in Chile:

Corporations in Chile can be Publicly-held Corporations, Closely-held Corporations, Simplified Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Individual Limited Liability Companies and Collective Associations. That being said, the most recommended corporations to make business in Chile are Publicly-held Corporations, Closely-held Corporations and Simplified Corporations: 2.1- Publicly-held Corporations and Closely-held Corporations: Publicly-held Corporations are intended for those companies in [...]

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How can a foreign company start operating in Chile?

Companies may choose between three different options: - Creating a branch of a foreign legal entity - Establishing an autonomous Chilean Corporation. - Merger and Acquisition. About this given options, the client can freely choose among them. One of the few exceptions can be found in “regulated markets” such as Fund-managing companies, Banking Institutions or [...]

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Legal Foundations

The “foreign investor ID” allows Servicio de Impuestos Internos to identify the investor as a tax payer. This identification, exceeds tax related issues. Once granted, you are also automatically added to different electronic databases which will let you take part in several agreements and contracts. As an example, when obtained you are recognized as an [...]

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What is the “Foreign investor ID”?

It’s a numerical, individual code that identifies the foreign investor to the tax authority and other public services in Chile. Contrary to other permits, this institution doesn’t require the intention to remain the country. It only allows making business or perform contracts and agreements in Chile.

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What is it for?

When obtained, it allows the investor to perform/engage contracts and agreements that are essential for business. Such as, buying or renting property, creating corporations or entering them as a partner and realization of bank operations amongst others. If you wish to entrepreneur in Chile, you must apply for it.

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If I already applied for a temporary permit, do I still require it?

Yes, there are different and parallel institutions in which a specific solicitude doesn’t affect the other. In fact, the “foreign investor ID” is granted by the Chilean tax department (Servicio de Impuestos Internos) while permits are given by “Foreign and Immigration department”. They also differ in how fast they can be obtained. You can apply [...]

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