Opportunity Visa: Temporary Residency Visa for Workers (or people who want to search for Jobs in Chile)

As indicated in the article published by our team on July 12th, two new temporary visas have been incorporated in order to encourage foreigners who wish to work and live in our country. Since August 1st, foreign citizens can apply to an “Opportunity Visa”, which can be: Temporary Residency Visa for Workers (or to search for [...]

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National and International Orientation Visa or Residence Permit

As a part of the new migratory legislation directed to provide a safe, coordinated and regular migration, on Wednesday, August 1st the government incorporated two new visas to the temporary visa system for foreigners that migrate to our country in order to enroll on postgraduate courses, and for foreign graduated scholars from selected universities. These [...]

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New chilean Migration Law

A few months ago the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, announced a series of modifications to the new migration bill which will create a secure and standardized new migration procedure which includes the modification of the current migration policy along with the creation of new visa types. The fundamental issues that President Piñera referred to, are [...]

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